Insider Ming-Chi Ko: Apple will start releasing gadgets with a USB-C connector

For the foreseeable future, Apple will stop making devices with a Lightning connector. This was stated in his Twitter by an authoritative insider Ming-Chi Ko (Ming-Chi Kuo).

According to the expert, in the coming years, Apple intends to completely abandon the Lightning port, thus “burying” the proprietary connector. As the insider noted, the company will begin producing AirPods, keyboards and mice, as well as accessories equipped with a USB-C interface.

Koh also said that Apple planned to completely abandon the physical connectors for the iPhone and other gadgets, but now the company cannot start this process. The analyst noted that there could still be some issues with data transfer and wireless charging. Earlier, Ming-Chi Ko announced that Apple will release the first iPhone with a USB-C connector in 2023.

Lightning is a proprietary connector that has been used in Apple technology since 2012. It turned out to be one of the first connectors on the market that can be connected to either side.

In mid-May, Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman said that Apple began testing a smartphone with USB-C. According to the expert, the refusal of the Lightning connector is due to the fact that the European Parliament previously chose USB-C as a single port for smartphones and other equipment.